Alright ya crazy Micky lovers, here’s some news and pictures that you may have missed on the FB page.


The Monkees tour 2013 has officially begun! Click here to get your tickets.


Micky’s daughter Ami Dolenz has released a children’s book called Harold and Agatha The Mysterious Jewel. Click here to get your copy!

From the publisher:

Harold, a brainy sophisticated ten year old from London, and Agatha, an adventurous, rambunctious eleven year old from California, are total opposites. They have recently become stepbrother and sister, and are not very happy about it.

When Agatha is forced to take Harold on a hiking trip, they discover a mysterious jewel, unlike anything they’ve ever seen, and decide to go back and look for more. Unfortunately, a strong earthquake plunges them down into a subterranean world where an evil king has enslaved a once peaceful race.

Now, Harold and Agatha must risk everything to help their new friend, Princess Qubar save her people from the tyranny of King Zantar, and then get back home before their parents return from their honeymoon.


(Photo courtesy of Johnny Blair)

And now, the best news of all! Micky Dolenz has released the album “Live at B.B. King’s”! I can’t wait to hear it. Apparently this was one of his best shows ever. Click here to buy the album on eBay.

And finally, just a couple pictures of our man looking all sexy. Have a great week everyone!




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