We recently held a contest on our Facebook page giving away this beautiful original art piece done by the talented Laura Adams just for us! Since it was Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada I asked everyone to send me a list of ALL the reasons they love and are thankful for Micky Dolenz!

I got so many amazing responses, you guys are hardcore Micky lovers. Since we kept the contest to having the longest list, our winner came up with 156 reasons why they are thankful for Micky Dolenz. WOW!

So without further adieu, the winner of our art contest is ILIA WILLISON! I am speechless and this list is awesome. Thank you all for your submissions and remember to spread the Micky love!!

Reasons why I am thankful for Micky:
His beautiful/ sexy voice
That afro
His smile
When people ask him about an event and he responds “I’m told I had fun.”
The way he sighs in Oh My My
How sweet he is when you meet him
His preference for blondes
His love for Mike: Micky goes to all of his solo concerts in LA
His laugh
His body (duh)
Those thin legs
The Fedora
His drumming talent
The fact that he drank with Alice Cooper and John Lennon
He openly used the word Frodis on TV
His cute acting in circus boy
Micky when he is hyper on The Monkees
That pony tail during the 80’s/90’s
When he kissed my cheek
How he loved Davy
His album, “Micky Dolenz Puts You To Sleep” (Yes I listen to it a lot)
Micky, in “Sugar Sugar,” when he starts naming off different kinds of sugar
His humor
His nerdiness
The tablecloth poncho…
The high notes he reaches in Daily Nighty
His random appearances in other movies
When he got eaten by Mega Python in Mega Python VS Gatoroid
His charity work
His Broadway side
The way he shakes those maracas
His love of certain shirts
His voice in Riu Chiu
The fact that he can almost always be seen drinking an alcoholic beverage
He loves Breaking Bad
He loves science
His cute nose
His chin and jaw line
The happy trail…
How he loves meeting fans; especially the young ones
His wood building talents
His never giving up on love (3 wives)
His fashion sense (now and in the past)
The fact that when I saw him at Mike’s concert, he went to the bathroom twice
His captions on his Facebook photos (the older ones are hilarious)
His tambourine skills
His guitar skills
How he always looks good in every photo
That one teeny gap in his teeth
His height
When he wears jeans and a sport jacket with a nerdy t-shirt
How good he smells (trust me I have smelled him)
His straight luscious hair
His interview to be in the monkees
How professional he is
The fact that he is a LA boy
When he was The Wolfman and he used his afro and the bottom part of a mask for his costume
His large selection of fedoras
His profile picture right now 😉
The fact that he was in a play with Joyce DeWitt and didn’t wear a fedora (at least in some of the pictures he didn’t)
His directing of the Frodis Caper episode
The picture of him with a pipe 😉
How much traveling he does
The fact that he knows the beatles
His squinty eyes
When he has scruff
When he has a full on beard
When he wears a vest
The fact that he gives us a cause to make a website all about him
How beautiful his daughters are
The fact that he went to the Monterey Pop Festival
His vast knowledge of music
His photography obsession in the 70’s
When he plays his cajon drum
How high his voice is
His book, “Gakky Two Feet”
The fact that he performed at Disney World several times
When he has his hair slicked back
His glasses
His album “Remember”
His brown eyes
When he wore hats: cowboy, top, etc.
Micky in his Monkeemen outfit
The fact that he got over his alcoholism
His eyebrows in the late 60’s
His sexy little patch of chest hair
His impression of James Cagney
When he was his own twin in the Alias Micky Dolenz episode
Any picture of him with an animal (especially the one of him holding up two kittens)
His and Mike’s harmonies
Him in the confederate outfit in HEAD
His Hippie stage
How he looks at the camera in Daily Nightly
The adorable photos of him with Samantha
His work with Boyce and Hart
The fact that he lived in the UK
How he and Mike auditioned to be Fonzie in Happy Days
The infomercial he did for a set of 60’s music cds
The fact that he did voice-overs for characters in cartoons
How he was almost The Riddler in Batman Forever
When he was santa clause
His cross-dressing
How he ate the pizza in the pizza hut commercial with Ringo
Micky getting nerf balls thrown at him in the Kool Aid commercial
The emotion he puts in to She and Words
The fact that he stuck with The Monkees through it all
His Spanish accent in the one Monkees episode when they are having a showdown
His dancing skills (especially in goin’ down)
When he was a magician in an episode
The fact that he jumped into the pool in front of the stage at the Hollywood Bowl
His James Brown style performance when Mike brings out his cape
How he keeps staying busy and doing shows all the time
How you could see his emotions in interviews after Davy passed away
His goofiness in interviews or else non-interest
When Mike kissed his cheek in the interview at the Greek theater in the 80’s
His cover songs
Micky makes the best facial expressions
In Oh My My when he is riding a motorcycle <3 The fact that he used to auction of a luncheon with him for charity That booty though… When he wears boots When he had the pedophile mustache Him in an Indian head dress Pictures of him with his camera When he wore sweaters: striped, white, etc. The fact that he knows how to use a moog “Micky shirtless in the desert” scene in HEAD His sideburns in the 60s His “psychedelic vagina” painting The way he signs his name When he had blonde hair in circus boy How he was in a band before he was in The Monkees The fact that he wore two different shoes to his interview for The Monkees His harmonies with Coco His paintings How artsy he is Micky being a jack of many trades What he makes us fans want to do to him His tummy Him in his little circus boy outfit All the commercials he did from Kellogg’s to Kool Aid and more How sweet he looks when he is asleep (in pictures… don’t worry I don’t stalk him that much…. Yet) His hair transformations through the years The way he kisses girls (making us jealous of course) How he is social when it comes to social media (unlike Peter who has a ‘team’ post for him or Mike who only posts once in a blue moon) The fact that he loves making things The fact that he had a disease when he was a child but overcame it How his voice is soothing and soft How he is humble when he meets fans and gives credit to others for songs His love for twitter His ability to fake-play an instrument in The Monkees music videos How he says “again” in Last Train to Clarksville His little accents on the show His acoustic music When he does his own harmonies Basically, everything about him! Sincerely, Ilia Willison

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