Can’t we all just get along???

I’ve stayed pretty quiet on this whole Mike Nesmith / Jimmy Fallon debacle. That’s because I really don’t have an opinion one way or the other. Everyone keeps screaming “That’s not what Davy would want!” but you don’t know that. Unless of course you are a family member or personal friend of Davy, you really can’t say you know the man or what side he’d be on.  I have read some pretty horrific things on Facebook and I can’t believe some of the things the fans are saying.  Shame on them??  Shame on YOU for perpetuating this negativity!!

I am f*cking THRILLED that the three remaining Monkees are getting back together for this tour. I don’t care WHY they’re doing it, I’m just glad they are. These are three VERY talented men and I trust their judgment. While Jimmy Fallon may seem like an odd choice to sing Daydream Believer (and yes, obviously we’d all rather Davy was there to sing it), it was simply an IDEA. If it wasn’t for Facebook and Twitter, Mike never would have been able to share his idea on such a large scale and he certainly wouldn’t have to listen to the opinions of people like us.

But he asked for it. And he got it!

Ultimately, if Jimmy Fallon shows up on stage in Buffalo or NYC (where I’m seeing the boys) I’m not going to throw a temper tantrum and walk out. I’ll just think, “Damn, I wish Davy was here” but you know what?? We’re all going to be thinking that anyway, Jimmy Fallon or not.

There is no way to “win” in this situation. No matter what Mike, Micky and Peter decide, some fans are just going to hate it. This bothers me. My group is called “I LOVE Micky Dolenz” and when I think of The Monkees and what they’ve brought to my life, I am filled with peace, love and happiness. THAT is what The Monkees are all about. We lost Davy way too soon but it’s the circle of life. We HAVE to move on. We have to stand up and say that we LOVE The Monkees, all the crazy, wacky, controversial antics included!

I just wish all the fans could get along and stop with the drama. Let’s focus on the GOOD! I never met Davy Jones but I believe he’d be more upset with the angry words from fans than he would about Jimmy Fallon singing Daydream Believer.

I am going to sit front row, burst into tears when they walk out and enjoy every single second of the show they put together. Can you do the same?  Save the Drama for your Mama!

And now, I shall step off my soap box and never speak of this again!

Oh and here is the original Facebook post by Michael Nesmith if you haven’t read it yet:

“Mick and I are heavy into rehearsals and hanging out – and I have started privately nourishing this idea that – in New York and LA at least – I think Jimmy Fallon should come do Daydream Believer with us.


First, he is a good singer and musician. And second, he seems pretty easy going. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, he is the only person I think that could actually do the Davy dance with the proper gravitas and respect it deserves.

(Lord knows Axel Rose did his best – and it may be that Axel has even won the name wars for the dance – but to me it is, and always will be, the Davy dance and not the Axel Rose dance.)

In any case — I think Fallon could do it great, sing the song great, and I am thinking seriously about inviting him to come and do it with us – just a couple of nights. I am giving it a lot of careful thought.

Careful, non-linear-wacked-out, goofy thought.

So far I haven’t got this past Mick and Pete – I actually haven’t even asked them – but I am drifting that way because of Emmy Blotnick who has now (unwittingly)re-enforced the notion that Fallon could do it great – “birds of a feather” is more than enough validation for me. That’s the best I can explain it: Blotnick sandwich = Jimmy Fallon sings Daydream Believer and delivers his version of the Davy dance.

So, Mick and Pete and I have the show covered, it will be fun and satisfying to the hardest core Monkees fan –but —

There is this one last thing we absolutely have to work out and get right — who will sing Daydream Believer?

I’m starting with Jimmy Fallon – and if he won’t do it — then I’ll just let the non-linear world take over and see where the ball lands next.

It may land in the town we’re coming to.

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