Many many years ago (2005), Micky Dolenz was staying in Toronto, Ontario, Canada while he performed in the musical, Aida. He would be staying in Toronto for six weeks and I knew… I knew I had to make my move.

I work “in the business” and have a lot of friends who know all the right people and thanks to one of those friends (who shall remain nameless), I was able to find out exactly what hotel Micky was staying at. I also learned that he frequently hung 0ut at the hotel bar every night after his performance.

WELL! This was exciting news, as you can imagine. I decided to take full advantage of the opportunity and proceeded to call the hotel immediately.

Me: “Umm… yes hello, can I please have Micky Dolenz’s room?”

Naturally, I assumed a man of such fame and importance would be staying under a pseudo name. If he used his real name, then crazy girls like me could easily call him and probably even convince the hotel staff to give me a spare key to his room. Listen, it could happen.

Hotel lady: “One moment please, I’ll transfer you now”

I literally fell to the ground out of pure shock and joy.

This is by far the closest I’d been to Micky Dolenz at the time and if only I could do it all over again…

The phone rang… and rang…

Finally Hotel Lady came back on the line and asked if I would like to leave a message.

Me: “Well of course, this is very important business and I need him to call me immediately”

Hotel lady: “Of course, I will make sure he gets your message. I am transferring you to his voicemail now.”

Me: (once voicemail picked up) “Hello, my name is Jacqueline and I am a reporter for the Toronto Sun newspaper. I heard you were in town performing in Aida and would love to sit down and talk with you. Please call me back at ——” Click. It’s true I worked for the Toronto Sun but I swear on The Monkees that the whole “reporter” thing just came to me in the moment. It came out like verbal diarrhea and there was no stopping it once it started to flow.

Ten minutes later…

Me: “Hi, can I have Micky Dolenz’s room please?”

Different Hotel Lady: “One moment please”

This time I didn’t leave a message.

An entire day passed before I tried again. Actually, truth be told I ended up meeting Micky Dolenz for the first time after the initial phone call but that’s a WHOLE other story for a different day.

Anyway, my friend and I called him several times after that and he in fact picked up one time.

It went like this:

Me: “Hi, can I have Micky Dolenz’s room?”

Hotel Lady: “One moment”

Micky: “Hello?”



I likely should have just kept the facade going and pretended to be a reporter so I could score an interview… but alas, I chickened out and took more drastic measures…

And that my friends, is the time I called Micky Dolenz. Stay tuned for the story of the first time I MET Micky Dolenz…

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