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The time I bought Micky Dolenz a drink…

It all started when I invited my good friend Jan to come and see Micky Dolenz, Peter Noone and David Cassidy with the Teen Idols 2013 Tour at Casino Rama in Orillia, Ontario (September 21, 2013).

The rain was pouring down as we drove but at one point, a large SUV limo was beside us and I obviously assumed it was Micky because, who else could it be?? Jan wasn’t convinced but I waved into the tinted windows, just in case. As the limo drove ahead, the clouds broke apart and the SUN STARTED SHINING. An actual rainbow appeared and I proudly told Jan that obviously it had been Micky in that limo because wherever he goes, sunshine and rainbows appear. I knew in that moment that it was going to be a very special evening.

It just so happened she had two friends that were also going so we all met up and got in our seats. We were in the third row and Bernice and Linda had second row but as soon as the show started, we all rushed the stage! We got a little separated and the security team was making sure none of us stood behind the bold white line separating the stage from the audience. It was a fire hazard and something that needed to be taken seriously because there were at least six people in walkers. Listen, I love people with walkers. I wish I had one myself because I always fall when I’m walking. But this was a huge concert hall full of rabid David Cassidy fans and I didn’t trust them. I was worried about the people with walkers getting trampled. I was worried that I would get trampled. It was like being in ‘Nam.

Anyway, Noone, Cassidy and our Micky came out on stage and made a bunch of old man jokes that the audience went wild for. Micky Dolenz performed first and he was on FIRE, as always.

He jumped around on stage and then, it happened. His eyes landed directly on me, crushed between my fellow pit dwellers. Micky stopped in his tracks, smiled and pointed at me!! I’m not even joking. He acknowledged me and about five heads whipped in my direction to see what Micky was pointing at.

At this very moment, my lady parts exploded.

He only performed a few Monkees hits including Last Train To Clarksville, I’m A Believer, I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone and Daydream Believer (during which he paid a touching little tribute to Davy Jones and I cried).

It was over way too fast but the band for the night was stellar. I was thrilled that Wayne Avers and David Robiceau were there. They are total rock stars and an absolute feast for the eyes, especially if you get tired of watching David Cassidy angrily stomp around stage.

Peter Noone came out and he and Micky did some more old man jokes, this time including a walker!!! At least they recognize and appreciate their audience. The crowd went wild. I’m talking waving canes and oxygen machines. Passionate dancing in slippers and bathrobes. Picture the best retirement home party you’ve ever been to and triple it.

Peter Noone was hilarious, cracking jokes about our airport and local highways. When he said he drove down the 400, I’m pretty sure some heads exploded with joy. He performed his hits, Henry the 8th and such. I’ve seen him with Micky a couple times over the years so during his set I mainly just kept checking on the security situation to see if there were any obvious loopholes.

Finally, David Cassidy took the stage. He looked good and everyone in the audience was murmuring before the show, wondering if he’d actually make it up here given his recent DUI. He didn’t mention it. I’m posting his mugshot below because it’s hilarious.

Cassidy is a talented guy, there’s no doubt. I have nothing bad to say about his music, I’ve always been a fan of his and the Partridge Family. But the man is probably the most ungrateful and angry performer I’ve ever seen. He told the audience, “I know a lot of you are mad that I’m playing the guitar right now but I’m a musician so I’m going to keep doing it.” I just thought, who the hell is thinking that?! I’m pretty sure the chicks throwing their panties at you aren’t concerned about your electric guitar. As soon as he said it, I did become a little angry. Just because he assumed I would be.

He then complained about The Partridge Family and that we were “lucky” that he was performing some of their songs. Again, I don’t care if you play them or not. Just don’t be an asshole about it.

The highlight was of course when Cassidy reached his hand out to the audience, intending for people to just touch it (and be filled with the holy spirit of Cassidy) but I guess he quickly changed his mind. He barely grazed three hands before I heard him yell, “Stop pulling me!! You have to stop pulling me down! I’m going to take away my hand if you guys keep doing this.” And just like that, he took his hand away and I was never blessed by his Holiness. Ahh well, the best is yet to come.

The three guys came back for one last song and took their bows. I screamed “I love you Micky” twice and I know he heard me. I was less than a foot away from him. I just wanted to make sure he knew, in case he wasn’t aware of that already.

The show ended and we all collapsed into our seats, exhausted and sweaty.

Oh but my friends, this is not the end! This is merely the beginning.

Peter Noone was doing a meet and greet and my friends got in line while I escaped for some fresh air and to do a quick area check. I found the hotel, the hotel lobby, the two restaurants, a couple gift shops and most importantly, the hotel bar. Boom.

I went back to see the ladies in line and they got to meet him and get autographs while I madly tried to snap pictures behind security. Peter Noone asked Jan if I was her friend and he said, “I’m not supposed to take pictures.”

I said, “Oh I’m sorry (click click click), I didn’t know (click click click) we couldn’t take pictures (click click click click click). They all turned out terrible because I’m a terrible photographer and my hands get shaky when I’m near people in uniforms.

The girls were thrilled and we planned to go back to their hotel room and drink some wine. But sure enough, as we walked back by the bar, I saw A HAT. THE hat. The wide brim and his dark suit sitting on the bar stool gave him away and I went into super stalker mode.

The girls noticed too and I paced a few moments, wildly constructing a plan of action in my head.

Then, it hit me. I just knew what I had to do. I walked right up to that bar and leaned over it, ensuring my hair was flowing in the perfect direction and my cleavage was draped against the bar in full view. There were a few people between Micky and I at the bar and I did not want to appear desperate (more so). When the bartender approached me I ordered myself a Rum and Diet Coke and then said, “See that man right there? In the black hat? I’d like to buy him a drink. Just get him another one of what he currently has.”

The bartender looked at me and then at Micky and back to me. He said, “He’s drinking Scotch.” I told him that was fine and handed him money.

My drink arrived first and I watched the bartender like a hawk, savouring every move he made to prepare Micky’s drink.

When he presented the drink to Micky he said, “Sir, this is from the young lady at the end of the bar.” It was like something out of an old movie. Micky’s head perked up and he scanned the bar, finally seeing where the bartender was pointing. At me, red hair flaming and boobs bursting.

His face broke out into a huge smile and I was immediately glad that he hadn’t taken one look at me and screamed. No bodyguards came at me and Micky was genuinely happy with my non creepy gesture.

He said, “Wow, thanks! Thank you so much.”

I raised my glass to him in a toast and he raised his to me.

“No Micky, thank YOU for that show. It was amazing. Thank you.”

I chugged my drink and simply walked away, only then remembering that my dear friends were right beside me. Listen, when Micky Dolenz is in the same room with me, it becomes all about him and only him. It’s the only way to be a proper stalker.

We exchanged a few “OHMIGOD that’s Micky Dolenz”‘s and just soaked up his proximity to us. I noticed a few other fans approaching him and taking pictures, which he gracefully posed for.

We decided it was time we ask for pictures ourselves but I sensed I would have to be the one to ask him. After all, we’re pretty much best friends now.

With spastic butterflies in my stomach, I walked up to Micky and touched his arm gently saying, “Micky, I’m so sorry to bother you but do you mind if we get a picture?”

The rest is sort of a blur. Jan took a picture of Micky and I but he said, “Oh there was no flash, you might want to take another.” I suppose he knows about my Micky spank bank collection and was trying to help.

My hands shook violently as I snapped a picture of Micky and Jan, who just had the biggest smile on her face. These two Monkees Girls were in heaven. Our friends got their pictures with Micky too and that was it. We left him alone and Jan and I went outside where we proceeded to scream and jump around excitedly, like a couple of teenagers. It was one of the best days of my life.

So there! It’s not so hard to meet Micky Dolenz, as you can see. You just need to grow some balls, chug that liquid courage and take a chance. One of the many reasons I love Micky is because he truly is the sweetest and most gracious guy. He always has time for his fans.

That includes all of YOU!

Always follow your dreams. Life is short and we have to make the most of it. I hope you enjoyed this little story and the crappy pictures! It was one of those nights that is destined to live on more clearly in my memory than any photo could possibly capture.

Peace and Love,

Monday Micky Dolenz Photo Bonanza!

Ahh, summer.  Can you believe it’s already August 19th??  I’ve been really busy this summer with work, trips, family, friends, ball games, etc. so I haven’t been posting on here as much as I’d like to!  I’ve been working on and saving these photos for MONTHS so it’s about time I put them up here and on the Facebook page.


Teen Idols Tour 2013, Here I Come!


I was late getting tickets for the Teen Idols Tour with Micky Dolenz, David Cassidy and Peter Noone so I didn’t score front row seats this time. It’s my own fault so I’m not upset.

Because I’m still going! I got Centre Floor, Row 15 seats at their Casino Rama show in Orillia, Ontario on August 2nd. Not too shabby!!

I’ll do my best to contain myself while Micky is on stage but no promises. You guys have seen him, so you get it.

Click here to find tickets in your area!

It seems Ticketmaster is listing the show as the Happy Together Tour so you may have to do a bit of digging to find it.

Hope to see you there!

How To Get Front Row Tickets to see Micky Dolenz!


This isn’t necessarily just a guide for Micky Dolenz or Monkees concerts. I’m part of about a million Monkees fan pages on Facebook and whenever new shows are posted, I see a LOT of complaints about the way ticket sales are run and people are disappointed. It can be devastating to do everything you think you can to get good seats to a Monkees show and end up with crappy seats, or nothing at all.

Since I seem to always get great seats for Micky and Monkees shows, I thought it was time to share my secrets with all of you!

Back in the days before the interweb there was one or two ways to get tickets to your favorite band: Go to the venue and wait in line and then eventually that turned into waiting in line at Ticketmaster kiosks.

I’ve always been a groupie. Since I was 15, I have followed bands. All my friends were in bands and I went to shows every night of the week. I worked in a used CD store for the better part of ten years and solidified my place in the “underground” music scene. Record shows, swaps, scalpers and collectors… I knew them all!

I’m a certified music DORK. But… I’ve also never had crappy seats in my life! There IS a method to getting the best tickets available so here are my time honored tips:

1. Research, research, research! Talk to everyone you know and check the band’s official website on a daily/weekly basis for new concert postings. Bookmark the page and take a second to just check. This is often the major factor in whether you get tickets or not. In some cases, tickets go on sale as soon as the concert is announced and others are not. Which brings me to my next tip…

2. Get to know the venue. If you know a show is coming but tickets aren’t on sale yet, call them and ask. Sometimes they claim they don’t know or will only give you an estimate, but eventually they will tell you. Always trust a real person over something you see on the internet.

3. Do not trust what Google tells you. I’m sorry, I love Google. But when it comes to getting tickets, it can be a nasty game. Some websites are literally designed to just show up in results to sucker you into thinking they are selling you tickets. They make money just by you clicking on them. The ONLY sources you should trust are Ticketmaster, Live Nation and the individual venue sites. This doesn’t always apply to Monkees concerts and I assume this is why people are having problems. Some acts, depending on their PR representation will use lesser known websites to sell tickets. Don’t trust these websites. If it’s not on Ticketmaster or LiveNation, get your tickets through the venue. For example, I’m waiting for Teen Idols tickets to go on sale for the September 21, 2013 show in Rama, Ontario. There is no estimated date for start of sale so at this point I’m checking Casino Rama’s website every day. I’m also checking Ticketmaster, Live Nation and Micky’s official site. At some point, at least one of these places will tell me the day and time the tickets go on sale.

3. Once you know when the tickets go on sale, burn it into your brain. Write it on a calendar, set alarms on your phone, whatever you gotta do. If you are after front row seats, this is the only way you’ll get them. Every show will have a very limited number of front row tickets available to the public because they reserve them for radio giveaways and such. Or there are just rich and/or powerful people who get these precious tickets as gifts.

3. If you don’t have internet access at the time tickets go on sale, just go to the venue. Get there early. Smile at the employees as they stare at you weirdly. When they open or when the tickets go on sale online, have your credit card ready! You probably have an hour or two MAX to get front or second row.

4. Be prepared to spend a lot of money. If you love the band and really want good seats, it WILL cost you. It’s unfair but it’s the reality. I have a concert savings fund that I throw a few dollars into whenever I can. Micky is rarely in my area so when he is, I will spend whatever is needed to get the best seats possible. This isn’t always possible so if I can’t get tickets in the first ten or fifteen rows, I won’t bother. For me, I need to see Micky up close or there’s no point!

5. Don’t be discouraged if a concert sells out before you can tickets! There is always Craigslist and Kijiji. Scalpers are crafty and buy up large blocks of tickets so they can turn around and sell them online. I know it sounds sketchy but they’re people too. Most of these guys just fall into it because they love the music and want to turn it into a business for themselves. Don’t be afraid to “schmooze”. Yes, it’s tacky but sometimes life is all about who you know. If you really love the band, you have to love the entire process.

Ultimately, getting front row tickets can be a game of luck. You have to put in work to get the rewards.

But damn… there is nothing better than sitting front row at a Micky Dolenz concert and having him sing right to you. In that moment, all the stress and work it took to bring you there fades away and all you remember is how you feel right then and there.

It’s those moments that I live for! And it’s worth it every time.

I hope this helps you in some way. If you have any questions or have your own insider tips that you want to share, email me at ilovemickydolenz@gmail.com.

New Micky Dolenz 2013 Tour Dates

Anyone else think it’s mildly interesting that 2013’s Teen Idols Tour has a David, Micky and Peter? Mind = Blown.



Micky Dolenz is going on “The World’s Greatest Teen Idols Tour” this year with David Cassidy and Peter Noone from Herman’s Hermits!



Here are the dates and cities currently listed:

Fri 03/22/13 Westbury, NY
NYCB Theatre At Westbury

Sat 03/30/13 Coachella, CA
Spotlight 29 Casino Showroom

Fri 05/17/13 Lac du Flambeau, WI
Lake Of The Torches Resort Casino

Fri 07/12/13 Osceola, IA
Lakeside Casino

Sat 07/13/13 Osceola, IA
Lakeside Casino

Sat 08/31/13 Snoqualmie, WA
Snoqualmie Casino

Tue 09/10/13 Spencer, IA
Clay County Fairgrounds – “Clay County Fair”

Sat 09/21/13 Rama, ON
Casino Rama Entertainment Centre

Thu 10/03/13 Santa Ynez, CA
Chumash Casino


From Monkees.net:

Micky Dolenz has signed on with David Cassidy to tour in 2013 with him and Peter Noone as “David Cassidy Presents The Worlds Greatest Teen Idols”.

David had this to say on his web site: “I am very excited about the upcoming concerts “David Cassidy presents The World’s Greatest Teen Idols: Peter Noone, Micky Dolenz.” Before I started making records and before I became a professional actor I can remember being a fan of the Monkees and Peter, driving around in my car with their music blasting. I know a number of their songs and I am honored to be going on the stage with the people I grew up with. Probably some of you grew up with them also. We will all perform together and individually. It is going to be really fun. I am genuinely excited about it. I hope you can join us. More dates will be added in the New Year.”

I’m going to the Casino Rama show and am beyond pumped!