This isn’t necessarily just a guide for Micky Dolenz or Monkees concerts. I’m part of about a million Monkees fan pages on Facebook and whenever new shows are posted, I see a LOT of complaints about the way ticket sales are run and people are disappointed. It can be devastating to do everything you think you can to get good seats to a Monkees show and end up with crappy seats, or nothing at all.

Since I seem to always get great seats for Micky and Monkees shows, I thought it was time to share my secrets with all of you!

Back in the days before the interweb there was one or two ways to get tickets to your favorite band: Go to the venue and wait in line and then eventually that turned into waiting in line at Ticketmaster kiosks.

I’ve always been a groupie. Since I was 15, I have followed bands. All my friends were in bands and I went to shows every night of the week. I worked in a used CD store for the better part of ten years and solidified my place in the “underground” music scene. Record shows, swaps, scalpers and collectors… I knew them all!

I’m a certified music DORK. But… I’ve also never had crappy seats in my life! There IS a method to getting the best tickets available so here are my time honored tips:

1. Research, research, research! Talk to everyone you know and check the band’s official website on a daily/weekly basis for new concert postings. Bookmark the page and take a second to just check. This is often the major factor in whether you get tickets or not. In some cases, tickets go on sale as soon as the concert is announced and others are not. Which brings me to my next tip…

2. Get to know the venue. If you know a show is coming but tickets aren’t on sale yet, call them and ask. Sometimes they claim they don’t know or will only give you an estimate, but eventually they will tell you. Always trust a real person over something you see on the internet.

3. Do not trust what Google tells you. I’m sorry, I love Google. But when it comes to getting tickets, it can be a nasty game. Some websites are literally designed to just show up in results to sucker you into thinking they are selling you tickets. They make money just by you clicking on them. The ONLY sources you should trust are Ticketmaster, Live Nation and the individual venue sites. This doesn’t always apply to Monkees concerts and I assume this is why people are having problems. Some acts, depending on their PR representation will use lesser known websites to sell tickets. Don’t trust these websites. If it’s not on Ticketmaster or LiveNation, get your tickets through the venue. For example, I’m waiting for Teen Idols tickets to go on sale for the September 21, 2013 show in Rama, Ontario. There is no estimated date for start of sale so at this point I’m checking Casino Rama’s website every day. I’m also checking Ticketmaster, Live Nation and Micky’s official site. At some point, at least one of these places will tell me the day and time the tickets go on sale.

3. Once you know when the tickets go on sale, burn it into your brain. Write it on a calendar, set alarms on your phone, whatever you gotta do. If you are after front row seats, this is the only way you’ll get them. Every show will have a very limited number of front row tickets available to the public because they reserve them for radio giveaways and such. Or there are just rich and/or powerful people who get these precious tickets as gifts.

3. If you don’t have internet access at the time tickets go on sale, just go to the venue. Get there early. Smile at the employees as they stare at you weirdly. When they open or when the tickets go on sale online, have your credit card ready! You probably have an hour or two MAX to get front or second row.

4. Be prepared to spend a lot of money. If you love the band and really want good seats, it WILL cost you. It’s unfair but it’s the reality. I have a concert savings fund that I throw a few dollars into whenever I can. Micky is rarely in my area so when he is, I will spend whatever is needed to get the best seats possible. This isn’t always possible so if I can’t get tickets in the first ten or fifteen rows, I won’t bother. For me, I need to see Micky up close or there’s no point!

5. Don’t be discouraged if a concert sells out before you can tickets! There is always Craigslist and Kijiji. Scalpers are crafty and buy up large blocks of tickets so they can turn around and sell them online. I know it sounds sketchy but they’re people too. Most of these guys just fall into it because they love the music and want to turn it into a business for themselves. Don’t be afraid to “schmooze”. Yes, it’s tacky but sometimes life is all about who you know. If you really love the band, you have to love the entire process.

Ultimately, getting front row tickets can be a game of luck. You have to put in work to get the rewards.

But damn… there is nothing better than sitting front row at a Micky Dolenz concert and having him sing right to you. In that moment, all the stress and work it took to bring you there fades away and all you remember is how you feel right then and there.

It’s those moments that I live for! And it’s worth it every time.

I hope this helps you in some way. If you have any questions or have your own insider tips that you want to share, email me at ilovemickydolenz@gmail.com.

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