Wow… so it’s like all of my favorite people got together in 2007 and didn’t even tell me!  SO rude, I know.

This is a great picture of Henry Diltz, Brian Wilson, Michelle Phillips, Micky Dolenz and Graham Nash at what I think is a book launch for Henry Diltz’s book “California Dreaming“.  Very appropriate to have Michelle Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas there, as well as the original Beach Boy himself, Brian Wilson!!

What a great looking group eh??  I always wished Micky Dolenz and Michelle Phillips would fall in love and live together forever but alas, that never happened.  She is the most beautiful woman, she truly is.  I just adore everything about her.  Maybe I should start a Michelle Phillips fan page next!

Anyway, here’s another pic (minus Mitchie plus Ringo!) from that same night.  Micky is so dreamy!!!  Honestly he makes me swoon.

(Graham Nash, Joe Walsh, Ringo Starr, Henry Diltz (Co-Owner of Morrison Hotel Gallery) and Micky Dolenz)

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