Happy Birthday to our second favourite Monkee, Peter Tork!


Peter got a bad rap back in the day because it was all about Nesmith. I always thought Peter has one of the kindest and sweetest faces ever.

I got to meet him back in 2003 at a Shoe Suede Blues concert somewhere in Michigan I think. Listen, I’m old and can’t remember stuff. Anyway, he made some snide remarks about his “former band” and then made a crack about how bad they sucked. I remember being crushed and so sad that Peter seemed so angry. I got my picture taken with him (don’t ask me where it is, this was from before digital cameras) and then one of the guys from SSB asked if I wanted to come join them on the bus for the rest of the tour.

To this day, that is my biggest regret in life. I should have gotten on that damn bus!

I digress. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PETER TORK! We seriously and truly love you so much and can’t wait to enjoy you and your music for many more years!

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