coco dolenz birthday


The beautiful, talented and amazing Gemma “Coco” Dolenz is having a birthday today!

In case you didn’t know (yeah, right) Coco is Micky Dolenz‘s little sister and has been a staple at MANY Monkees concerts over the years.  She also tours with Micky on his solo shows (which are my personal favourite!).

Coco also happens to be one of the nicest people on the planet.  She and I have had some great chats over the last couple of years and she is so kind and gracious to ALL the fans.

Plus, she totally rolls her eyes at Micky all the time and it’s exactly the way I look at my older brother. 😉  They can be SO annoying.  And did you know that she’s also a Reverend??  Yes, that is pretty fucking cool.


Oh and make sure to check out Coco’s website ( and her wonderful Etsy shop Dolenz Delights! (

Her blog (click here to read) is also a full blown trip into the mind, body and soul.  Beware – you may read it and have all your senses explode. 😉  It’s THAT phenomenal.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COCO!!!  Can’t wait to see you on the road this year!

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