Today, our sexy boyfriend Micky Dolenz turns 72 years old.  It occurred to me I had no idea what to do to celebrate.  I already wrote him a self-indulgent letter for his 70th birthday and it’s not like every day of my life isn’t already Micky Dolenz Appreciation Day.

So I decided to go back to basics.  Let’s just focus on what we love about him.  For me, it’s his voice and sense of humour.  I collected all of these quotes and song lyrics and funny one liners that I’ve posted over the years and am sharing them here in one convenient spot.  They are guaranteed to make you smile.

Happy Birthday, Micky.  If it wasn’t for you, life would be pretty painful and boring.  Thanks for your music, your talent, your smile and all the joy you’ve brought to so many of us over the years.  We’ll keep the love coming right back at you!

And to all you wonderful Dolenz Dolls, enjoy these pics as a tribute to our wonderful, sexy, collective boyfriend.  😉 <3



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