It’s Micky‘s birthday!!!!!!  And he turned my favorite number:  69!!!

In honor of our precious Micky Dolenz’s birthday, here are a few of my favorite videos and interviews with Micky!  Enjoy!


Micky on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous:

Part of Micky’s Q&A from last year’s Monkees Convention:

Micky Dolenz’s Lovelight video (which he directed!!):

And now for the MUSIC!!! The voice that has turned us ALL into blubbering fan girls.

The Monkees Goin’ Down:

The Monkees Pleasant Valley Sunday (which happens to be Micky’s favorite Monkees tune!):

Micky at BB King’s in 2012 singing Sugar, Sugar:

AND my absolute personal favorite, Micky singing I’m a Man in Japan. I saw this when I was 14 back in the 90s and nearly lost my mind over his voice and sexiness. YUM.

Just for good measure… my favorite song from Remember – An Old Fashioned Love Song (gotta love when when Micky scats!):

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