Whenever really horrific things happen in life, I firmly believe that the universe must regain its balance.  The only way I know how to do that is by creating or spreading GOOD KARMA.

Today I donated $30.00 to the American Heart Association and you know what?  It actually made me feel a little better.  Davy Jones suffered a massive heart attack at 66 years old and this should not be happening.  Did you know every year, more people die from heart disease in America than bear attacks??  This news was shocking to me as I always figured it was quite the opposite.  😉

Whether you have a little, or a lot to donate, every little bit WILL help fund research and maybe even preventative measures so that senseless tragedies like this never happen again.  There’s no point in asking “What if”, because its not up to us to question the universe’s master plan but we CAN make the best of a bad situation.

Please, if you are feeling like you want to show your support to Davy’s friends and family and aren’t sure how, DONATE to the American Heart Association today.

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