I took a little holiday nap this afternoon and had the most wonderful dream that I just had to share! Some of YOU made an appearance so read on…

My buddy Jan and I were heading out on a road trip to Niagara Falls to see a 1960s tribute concert with a lot of no names, but we heard Micky Dolenz was going to be there so obviously we had to check it out.

We arrived and the casino was hopping. For some reason we had to share a room with bunk beds but fortunately, our two roomates (Melissa and Brianna!) welcomed us in and we began to plot.

I of course decided to venture out on my own to find Micky. Yes, I’m selfish in my dreams but I figured I had a better shot of finding him on my own. I told the girls I’d find him, knock him out and drag him back to the room. You know, so we could party on the bunk beds.

On my way to the elevator I ran into Jamie R. and Ilia who love Micky almost as much as me! Jamie tells me she did in fact see Micky downstairs watching the bands and I yelled “Thank you!” as I burst into the elevator and pounded the ground floor button.

Be cool Jack Attack, I said to myself and the other elevator patrons outloud while cracking my neck like I was about to go boxing or something.

Ground floor. Thunk. I sauntered out of the elevator and had landed in some type of steak house/stage/tacky casino. It was surprisingly empty but I waved to Claire W. who was dancing in the front row.

My eyes surveyed my surroundings. I just knew Micky was there. Sure enough, as I glanced towards the back of a room I saw a black fedora and that luscious ass packed into some tight leather pants. My target was spotted and I circled him like a hawk catching his prey.

He sees me. He breaks out into that great laugh of his and he and his friends motion for me to come over. I pull the classic “who me?” act and looked behind my shoulders to see if he could be talking to someone else.

“Jacqueline, get over here! I have a bone to pick with you.”

Oh, shit.

My knees were wobbly as I sashayed over to Micky and his friends watched. He embraced me as though we were old friends and whispered, “Meet me in the hallway in two minutes.”

He walked away and I was left to make up an excuse to these people.

“Yeah, I should probably go” was the best I could come up with. They glared at me angrily and I heard a woman say, “She ruined our family.”

Huh? Whatever, I had to meet Micky in one minute and three seconds so I was just going to have to go through life wondering what the hell that meant.

Micky is standing in a room, sexily posing next to a sizzling fireplace. And then he says the words that I’ve always dreamed of hearing him say:

“I want to ravage you sexually, Jacqueline Boyd Dolenz. Can you handle that?? I mean, you talk a big game but are you ready to really do this?”

“Yes. Yes, I am.” But my legs were hairy. I still needed to shave. I told him I’d meet him at 7pm and he wrote his room number on my hand.

“I better be able to trust you.”

“Oh you can trust me Micky, this is all I’ve ever wanted!”

He winks at me and turns to walk away. I yell after him, “I love you so much, Micky!!” and he simply replies, “I know you do. Now’s the time to prove it.”

I decide to run up the stairs back to our room, ready to burst in and tell the girls what had just happened. I then remembered my promise to Micky and I knew I couldn’t say a word.

I enter the room and no one is there so I immediately take a shower, shave my legs and put on a cute hippie sundress.

I am ready.

As I walk up to Micky’s room, I realize this is it. Micky and I were going to fall in love and run away together.

I lift my hand to knock and….


Is that a fire alarm??


That sounds like my alarm clock. No, no it can’t be. Not now!!!

And when I open my eyes, I’m lying in my bed staring at the ceiling.

Well, fuck.

I guess now I’ll never know what might have been! I think I’ve got blue balls now. Sigh…


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