Kelly S. from Manchester, MO!!!

This was literally the hardest decision of my life! I expected to get around five entries and figured I’d have an easy time choosing.

What I didn’t expect was the dozens of emails I got from you guys, pouring out your beautiful hearts and expressing your sweet (and for some of you, perverted haha) love for Micky Dolenz. I laughed, I cried and I silently cursed my lot in life because I wanted to send each and every one of you this photo. If I had a million dollars, I would.

Honestly, you ALL deserve it! Each of your stories resonated with me and I can’t thank you enough for sharing them with me.

Our winner Kelly is a pretty awesome chick. She’s so awesome, her Micky obsessed friend Natalie sent in a letter to tell me why Kelly deserved the picture! I admit, throughout reading all of the entries, Natalie’s loving tribute to her friend stuck out in my head:

I saw the contest for the autographed photo and something told me to enter. I know you asked to tell you why we should get the photo, but I’d much rather tell you why my friend Kelly should get the photo.

Kelly grew up with The Monkees, just like I did. We have both spent 30+ years each as faithful fans. As young fans we spent our hard earned allowances to buy cassettes and magazines featuring our favorite boys. Growing up, I didn’t know any other Monkees fans. After a sad loss in my life in 2011, I saw that the Monkees were performing near me on my birthday. I took it as a sign. I went to one more show after that where I was blessed to meet this amazing gal Kelly, who’s warmth and generosity still stop me in my tracks. I found a kindred spirit who helps make me a better person just by being my friend.

Kelly loves Micky. I mean LOVES Micky. I’m surprised she didn’t come up with the site I Love Micky Dolenz! Kelly says that Micky makes her heart happy. I know that feeling.

So…CONGRATULATIONS, KELLY!!! I hope you enjoy your autographed photo of Micky!

Thanks again to everyone who entered. I’m going to run this contest again in a couple of months so stay tuned!

Oh and if I ever do successfully kidnap Micky, I’ll make sure he autographs a thousand photos and then all of you can have one!! Because you all truly, truly deserve it.

Peace, Love and Micky Forever!!!!

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