Straight from the mouth of Micky Dolenz:

Dear Fans and Friends,

The Monkee Tour has, indeed, been cancelled but for reasons that I cannot discuss at this time. I can say that the reasons pertain to business and are internal matters. Needless to say, I am disappointed but the situation was unavoidable and I want to apologize to all the fans out there who will not be able to experience what was a wonderful show indeed.


And now Peter Tork:

Dear Fans and Friends,

I am writing to confirm that the Monkees tour has been cancelled for reasons that I cannot discuss at this time. I can only say that it has to do with business matters.

I sincerely regret that it is not possible to continue this wonderful tour. I especially regret the inconvenience to those of you whose plans have been disrupted.

Thank you for all your love and support. I hope to see you on the road sometime.

Be well,


And finally, Davy Jones’ “people” said:

After having contacted a representative of Davy Jones, it has been determined that the remainder of The Monkees 2011 tour HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

No reason has been given at this time. When more information becomes available, it will be posted.

Furthermore, it is the request of the Facebook Team that you respect the privacy of The Monkees and refrain from posting any speculation on the matter in your Facebook comments on this site.

When information is available from an official reliable source, it will be made available to you.  Again, we apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your continued support of The Monkees.  ~ FB Team


To further clear up any misunderstandings as to whether the tour was cancelled due to health concerns of The Monkees, please see the note posted on Peter Tork’s Facebook page earlier in the day. It clearly states that it was for reasons having to do with BUSINESS matters. Thank you for remaining supportive of the Monkees. ~FB Team


Well screw you, Facebook “team”.  I will speculate as much as I like, thank you for much.  For example, I’m going to go with one of the following as potential reasons why The Monkees decided to cancel their tour:

1.  Micky Dolenz has decided his love for me is too intense and he can no longer focus on his musical abilities.  I have taken over his mind and heart and it is conflicting with the tour.

2.  Davy Jones sat on a thumb tack and it traveled through to his brain, rendering him unable to sing the lyrics to Daddy’s Song.

3.  Peter Tork realized yet again that Davy and Micky drink too much and his sobriety coach told him the tour had to end.

4.  Davy and Peter are gay for each other and it was creating conflict.

5.  Micky Dolenz has decided his love for me is too intense and he… oh wait, did I already mention that?

6.  Micky, Peter and Davy got into an epic knife fight over some psycho jello and things just weren’t the same since.

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