It is no secret around here that we love Micky Dolenz’s sister Gemma “Coco” Dolenz as much as we love the Mickster himself.  2017 is going to be a busy and productive year for Coco.  She just finished touring with The Monkees for their 50th anniversary and you can see her next at Feinstein’s 54 Below in NYC this March 25th (click here for tickets).

Coco will be debuting her solo show “Songs on My Music Stand”.  From Feinstein’s 54 Below:

Coco Dolenz, musical artist and sister of The Monkees’ Micky Dolenz, makes her Feinstein’s/54 Below debut in her solo show Songs on My Music Stand. Having recently toured coast to coast in The Monkees’ 50th Anniversary Tour, as well as having produced three albums of her own, Coco has made a name for herself as a solo artist. Songs on My Music Stand reflects Coco’s personal journey, a compilation of her signature performance pieces and personal favorites that had previously sat on her music stand at home… until now. Selections include “I’m Still Here,” “The Lady is a Tramp,” “They Can’t Take That Away,” “God Bless the Child, and “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.” This evening with Coco Dolenz is sure to be an intimate trip down musical memory lane, right in Broadway’s living room.

Featuring a guest appearance by Micky Dolenz!


I was fortunate enough to ask Coco some of my burning questions and she so very graciously answered with insightful, funny and poignant responses. I’m so happy to be sharing this interview with you here and thank you to Coco for taking the time to indulge your fans with your experiences, stories and advice.  Oh, and note to self:  NEVER wear a paper dress to a Micky Dolenz concert…


Q: What was it like being raised in a show biz family? It’s clear there was a lot of love in the Dolenz household but what was it like to grow up in Hollywood?

A: It wasn’t unusual to have kids in your classes with famous parents.  For instance Steve Allen’s son David and Heather McCrae both went to my school in 2nd grade.


Q: You’ve always had a gorgeous and powerful voice, were you passionate about music from a young age?

A: Yes, I have always enjoyed singing. I kid that is my “drug of choice” because of the high I get from the experience.


Q: Do you play any instruments or is there one you’ve always wanted to learn?

A: I play a little piano, accordion when I was a child, and don’t laugh, guitar before hand surgery.


Q: I know you’re very fond of Scotland – tell us about your Scottish connections.

A: My mother had Scotch/Irish blood and it just pulls at me.


Q: Being the younger sister of a lively older brother can be daunting but you and Micky seem to have found a great balance between work and family – did this come naturally or was it something that took years to cultivate?

A: He has worked very hard to balance the two. I got married and raised two boys and didn’t do much during those years. I’m thrilled to be active again.
Q: You’ve done a lot of traveling in the last few years with The Monkees and just came off a wildly successful 50th anniversary tour – what has been the best part of that experience?

A: Seeing so many places in the country and experiencing the enthusiasm of the audiences.


Q:  Your Etsy shop is a plethora of unique, custom items like treasure chests, trinket boxes and jewelry. What inspired you to create the shop and would you ever consider opening an entire store?

A: My whole family are artists and it is very satisfying to create with my hands. I enjoyed making things for friends and creating cards etc. with uplifting quotes and it seemed like a fun idea to open the shop. A store? No, I don’t think so!

Q: Most people dream of retirement and living out their days in quiet tranquility but you seem to get busier and busier! What’s your secret to finding balance and happiness?

A: Living in the now, following my heart, trusting the Universe, giving myself down time, giving the best I have to anything I undertake, not taking things personal – watching myself talk!


Q: On a lighter note, what is one fashion statement you hope NEVER comes back in style?

A: Paper dresses.


Q: And finally, what advice do you have for your fans and followers who have creative aspirations of their own?

A: JUST DO IT – even if it is just for yourself. MAKE something for a gift instead of buying something. It’s incredibly rewarding.  “Sing like no one’s listening.”


There is no end to Coco’s talent, passions and drive and she currently has many projects on the go.  Click on the links below to be taken to her various pages.  I personally recommend her Etsy shop where she has her own creations for sale.  They are unique and spirited, just like Coco!

Coco’s Official Website

Coco’s Blog

“Dolenz Delights” Etsy Shop



Micky Dolenz solo tour dates

Coco Dolenz – Photo by Lora Evans


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