There has been an issue in the media that has really gotten me quite upset and worked up. I usually don’t get involved with negative talk because I don’t think it’s constructive but I just don’t know what else to do. I’m at the end of my rope!

We have a lot of fun on this blog and over at the Facebook page. We laugh, we swoon, we say inappropriate things and sexualize Micky Dolenz in a way that can only be described as AWESOME.

But we can’t ignore this problem any longer, my friends. And I fear we may be too late.

I am talking of course about the total LACK OF NAKED MICKY DOLENZ PICTURES ON THE INTERNET.

It’s true, trust me. I’ve scoured the internet and after several years of doing this blog, I think I’ve posted every single topless picture of Micky Dolenz that exists.

This is sad and really makes me reflect on what I’m doing here. Davy Jones was practically naked 24/7 during his life and there’s no shortage of pictures of him in various stages of undress.

But not Micky. I mean, what about US?! Do we not deserve to see OUR favorite Monkee without clothes on? Is that really too much to ask??

So my friends and fellow pervs, this needs to change and it needs to change NOW. I doubt Micky is walking around topless in public these days but we need to make it our mission to find as many pictures of Micky without clothes on as possible.

I know they are out there. I BELIEVE they are out there somewhere, just waiting for me to find them and post them for all of you! It’s for the benefit of humanity!!

Let the interweb gods guide us on our quest and if any of you find anything, you must immediately notify me ( If you have a topless picture of Micky that I haven’t seen, I will send you a FREE button.

Below I posted all the shirtless photos of Micky that I have found but we need MORE! Yes, I’m greedy!

Please. Let’s join together and get so many naked photos of Micky, that future generations will be able to Google “topless Micky Dolenz pics” and bask in the glory of multitudes of photos at their fingertips.

No one should have go through life without the BASIC NEED of drooling over pics of topless Micky.

Will YOU accept the challenge???















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