It’s been a rough couple weeks.

I’ve taken a little break from posting on our Facebook page lately and I was compelled to write a post as to why, in the hopes that cleansing my palette publicly might help me get my head out of my ass and back into posting mode.

Here’s the thing… This blog and our Facebook page is not like other Micky Dolenz or Monkees fan pages. I started this page because there just wasn’t enough FUN (and perverted) Micky Dolenz content online. Sure, I could have started a Micky fan page that caters to the general public, suck up to Micky and try to work my way into his life with empty praise and adoration. But that’s just not me.

I love Micky Dolenz. I mean, I LOVE Micky Dolenz. I think he’s brilliant, hilarious, talented and oh so sexy. As a human being, I also recognize the raw sexual energy that Micky exudes and for a long time I thought I was the only one. Thanks to the internet, I discovered there are many more people like me, who approach their fandom with a sense of humour and a realization that Micky Dolenz and The Monkees were all about fun. For heaven’s sake their theme song specifically says “We’re too busy singing to put anybody down.”

In my five years doing this blog I’ve learned that 98% of Micky’s fans are AMAZING. If Micky is your favourite Monkee then we are instantly bonded. Micky’s fans are hilarious and slightly perverted and most of all, we can all make ridiculous comments about our guy without offending each other.

Unfortunately, when you run a fairly successful blog, you encounter a lot of backlash. I like to think I’m pretty tough when it comes to bullying but lately I’ve been letting it get to me. A lot of people don’t “get” what this blog is about and as a result, don’t “get” ME. Over the years I’ve received threats, nasty emails and general internet bullying from people saying what I do is stupid, unnecessary and offensive.

I’m not denying this. My sense of humour is strange and I don’t expect everyone to like it. The entire Facebook world has become a cruel and competitive nightmare for me. Everywhere I look I see so-called fans trash talk me (and friends of mine) and frankly, I’m tired of it. Nobody is ever direct about it, there’s just gossip, underhanded comments and the dreaded vaguebooking that seems to have overrun the FB community.

I don’t want to close this blog or the Facebook page. With people paying for “likes” and an unnecessary competition among fan pages, it makes it hard to continue on the path I’m on.

The thing is, I don’t want to compete with other fans. I’m genuinely happy for my Monkees friends when they get to meet Micky or any of the boys. There is more than enough room for ALL of us, no matter how we choose to show our fandom.

This page is for Micky’s fans. That’s it. I do this because I love him so damn much, I want the whole world to see him as we do. We can ALL love Micky and there’s no need to put each other down.

My brand of comedy is not always appropriate and it’s silly, but it seems at least a few people out there appreciate it, relate to it and have become dear friends because of the mutual love for Micky. This is what I try to tell myself during times like this where I feel like I’m being struck down at every turn.

So… diatribe aside, the whole Monkees Facebook world has officially bummed me out and I’ve let this blog suffer as a result. In some ways I feel that this site’s x-rated humour directed solely towards Micky is something that can’t be duplicated – although many try. It’s not an ego thing, it just is what it is. I have a dirty mind when it comes to Micky and I don’t want to feel guilty or bad about that any longer.

I apologize this post has been all about me, me, me but I needed to get this out. It’s been festering inside of me for weeks and I’m tired of not saying anything.

So to those who have been here all along, thank you. Thank you for being friends and supporters and for always taking the joke “too far” with me. My hope is that I can get this blog back up to its normal standard but some days it’s hard. And for that I apologize. My Mom has always said I’m far too sensitive and take things too personally but the cruelty of some Monkees fans is enough to crack anyone.

And thus, I shall try to shift my focus back to what this site is all about…the sexualization and obsessive love for Micky Dolenz and all he does. If he hasn’t asked me to take down the site after all these years, then you shouldn’t either.

With that, my whine fest has concluded. My soul feels a little lighter and hopefully we can move forward, say “fuck it” to the haters and continue being the best Micky Dolenz fan page on the internet! Thanks for sticking with me through this and know that I love you all… even you critics!

Peace, Love and Micky forever,


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